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De Bruyn Daly had its humble beginning in 1993 on a dining room table with 2 staff members. Since then we have flourished and grown into our current premises in Wynberg, purchased in 2004.

How You Can Detect Fraud in Your Business

Few things are as devastating to a business’ reputation as internal fraud – it undermines staff morale and creates a new uncertain relationship with stakeholders such as suppliers, investors and compliance authorities. News bulletins and newspapers all talk of the...

Companies: What is an Alternate Director? A Curious Role…

“‘Alternate director’ means a person elected or appointed to serve, as the occasion requires, as a member of the board of a company in substitution for a particular elected or appointed director of that company” (Companies Act) Situations can arise where a director...

Worker Burnout: Too Much Work and Unclear Goals

“‘Burnout’, n. ‘Physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress’” (Oxford Dictionaries) Two issues have come to the fore in terms of staff experiencing burnout – bosses who work too many hours, and conflicts in terms of duties performed.  This can...

Small Business Owners: Don’t Overlook Your New Compliance Requirements!

Small business has limited resources and optimising these resources is a balancing act. Part of this balancing act includes the role of compliance. These requirements have increased as new laws are rolled out along with other regulations, such as BEE and FICA, which...

Your Tax Deadlines for July 2019 and Good News for Taxpayers

Firstly, there are no major deadlines in June but tax season opens in July, so make sure you have all your documentation ready for your 2018/2019 Income Tax Return. SARS and Tax Ombud Sign Cooperation Agreement to Improve Service Then there is some good news – a...

Small Businesses: Make The Most of Your Tax Breaks!

“There are two systems of taxation in our country: one for the informed and one for the uninformed.” (U.S. Judge Learned Hand) Whether you have recently started a new venture or have had a small business for a while don’t forget that SARS offers two types...

Quick Wins to Get Our Economy Going Again

“I approach every problem with optimism” (Nelson Mandela) The mood of optimism that pervaded a year ago is rapidly fading – the Business Confidence Index is on a steady decline. Every 1% rise in business confidence results in 0.5% growth in the economy – as President...

Employers – Need Reducing Staff Conflict With Employee Rights?

The Companies Act gives directors wide powers to manage the organisation – the Act states “The business and affairs of a company must be managed by or under the direction of its board”. In a recent case a furniture company ran into economic difficulties and resolved...

Tax and Solar Energy Plants: Your Business Can Deduct the Costs Upfront

“If only there was some kind of an infinite power source that was free to use all day every day…” (Anon) In a recent binding ruling, SARS confirmed it will allow the cost of solar power units. The capital costs that may be deducted are: Photovoltaic solar panels; AC...

SARS – Important Update on VAT for E-Services from Foreign Suppliers

This has been causing waves since SARS stated its intentions of making electronic services subject to VAT last year. Now the final regulations have been published and are effective from 1 April 2019. Of significance is the change in the definition of electronic...

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