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De Bruyn Daly had its humble beginning in 1993 on a dining room table with 2 staff members. Since then we have flourished and grown into our current premises in Wynberg, purchased in 2004.

Be Ready For SARS Employee Audits

“Forewarned is forearmed” (Wise old saying) SARS is having trouble meeting its revenue targets and this is clearly putting enormous pressure on the South African economy. Further economic deterioration in the economy will probably result in a downgrade to junk status...

Communicate with Candour – the “Oracle of Omaha” Speaks

“The CEO who misleads others in public may eventually mislead himself in private” (Warren Buffett) Companies that are sustainable in the long term are honest with themselves and with all the businesses’ stakeholders. The starting point is candour If you are open and...

Your Shareholder Agreement versus Your Memorandum of Incorporation – There Is Only One Winner

Shareholder agreements usually form the backbone of shareholder relationships as they govern, for example, how shareholders sell their shares, how shareholder disputes are settled and the type of authority required for certain transactions. The Companies Act makes it...

Spying On Employees Is Becoming A Big Industry

Note: As always, our employment laws being complex and the penalties for getting them wrong severe, take specific professional advice in any doubt! In a recent UK survey 72% of employees felt that their employers were eavesdropping on them. Gathering information on...

Your Tax Deadlines for September, and an Update on Tax Season 2018/19

Your third provisional payment for the 2018/2019 tax year is due on or by 30 September 2019. This payment is voluntary, and you only need to make it if you have underestimated your tax liability for the 2018/2019 year. Don’t forget that making this third payment will...

Don’t Let a Death or Disablement Destroy Your Business

The greatest need in many small businesses is for cash flow. Picture this scenario:  Three people start a business and after a few years it is beginning to make profit – in a year it will go cash positive. One of the shareholders is killed (or disabled) in an...

If Artificial Intelligence Is Not That Intelligent, Should We Be Worried About Our Jobs?

“Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time” (Terry Pratchett) Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being rolled out in many guises throughout business. One instance of this is voicemail with some amusing results. One person recalls getting a voicemail message...

The Big Mac Index Says the Rand is Way Undervalued

“Our results indicate that the Big Mac Index is surprisingly accurate in tracking exchange rates over the long-term, which is consistent with previous PPP research findings” (ScienceDirect) For decades the Economist has been publishing its Big Mac Index to give an...

SARS: Changes to the Employer Statement of Account

This form is designed so that employers can easily reconcile their payroll taxes (PAYE, UIF and SDL). These taxes have proved difficult to reconcile and this redesigned form is intended to simplify this process. It is important to get this right to avoid paying...

Your Tax Deadlines for August 2019

Individual provisional taxpayers need to submit their first provisional form and payment by or on 30 August.  Companies with year ends in either February or August need to file their first or second provisional returns and payments also by or on 30 August. Other...

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