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Your third provisional payment for the 2018/2019 tax year is due on or by 30 September 2019. This payment is voluntary, and you only need to make it if you have underestimated your tax liability for the 2018/2019 year. Don’t forget that making this third payment will save you penalties and interest.

Other deadlines this month are –

  • 6 September – Monthly PAYE submissions and payments
  • 25 September – VAT manual submissions and payments
  • 27 September – Excise Duty payments
  • 30 September – VAT electronic submissions and payments
  • 30 September – CIT Provisional Tax Payments where applicable
  • 30 September – End of second fiscal quarter.

By way of a 2018/19 Tax Season Update: By 29 July one million tax returns had been submitted and refunds of R5.5 billion had been processed. The average turnaround time for taxpayers not identified for audit was 7 days. Despite some early glitches, SARS are pleased with the responses received from taxpayers.

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